Select the Best Grooms Attire for your Wedding

Select the Best Groomsmen Attire for your Wedding. Even though all the eyes would be on your bride during your wedding, it is your responsibility as a groom to get dressed up impressively. But the most essential part is to select the best Groomsmen Attire for your wedding. This will make sure that you have a neat wedding as the groomsmen are your team mates and when you are in their company as a groom, you will have to look your best on your wedding. Though choosing a dress for the bride is very difficult, choosing the right attire for the groom and groomsmen is very tough.

The dress for the wedding occasion hugely depends on the type of wedding you decide to have. There are various types of groomsmen attire which you can choose at ease depending on your taste and requirements. You can also use a bit of creativity which will help in making the attire more interesting. You can choose from tuxedos, pant & shirts, cummerbund, morning coats or morning coats. You have to consider the style of each costume before deciding on one.

Groomsmen attire – Tuxedo jackets


This is a popular costume among the groom and groomsmen. This is a single breasted jacket with buttons in the middle. The face of the lapel is usually made with satin to offer a distinct look. You can choose long and short type jackets that have two to five buttons. If your groomsmen are a bit taller then go for the short tuxedos with 5 buttons. You can also choose tuxedos with different lapel styles such as peak label which forms a V shape. There are also notch lapel which is a cut out style and shawl lapel is a rounded and smooth lapel that begins from the collar. You can also go for the ones that can be rented as it would save you a lot of money.

Groomsmen attire – Cummerbund


This groomsmen attire is the right choice as if you wish to have a vintage style wedding. This attire represents the 70s era and is usually made with silk and satin. You can wear it instead of vest. If your groomsmen are a bit shorter then this dress is the right choice.